80 Fun Affirmations to Brighten Your Day and Boost Your Mood

As much as we might like it to be at times, and at every situation, life isn’t always unicorns and rainbows. Rough patches happen, as do huge setbacks, so naturally, it’s easier to be positive some days than others or in every situation.

Welcoming the power of positive affirmations into your life can help you make it through the tough days in one piece, and it can help make the good days even better.

The use of funny positive affirmations is even backed by science, as it’s been proven to activate the mind’s reward pathways. These daily affirmations can eventually help you become more motivated, adaptable, think-positive, stay-positive, improve your positive mental attitude and health, and become more optimist and positive in general.

The Art of Crafting Effective Affirmations

Hope represents the possibility to do better. Hope enables the reality of endless growth and change  your life and the achievement of overall balance within our lives.
– Lisa Charles (Yes! Commit. Do. Live)


Crafting your own positive affirmations can be a powerful tool to set your positive emotions, and intentions toward a particular goal, a positive life, and empower yourself to reach it. Here are some tips for making sure they’re impactful and effective:

  • Write your affirmations in the present tense to stop your mind from negativity and doubting their truth
  • Personalize your affirmations using visualization and language that resonates with who you are
  • Keep affirmations positive, especially when using them to motivate and rewire negative self-talk and thought patterns
  • Use “I” and “me” to direct your affirmations toward yourself

Morning Fun Affirmations for a Positive Start

Although there are no rules for when you should go over your daily positive affirmations with yourself, first thing in the morning is an excellent choice.

Spending a few minutes each morning repeating your favorite funny affirmations to yourself and to your subconscious mind can help set positive thinking for your day, boost confidence, and support healthy self-esteem. They can help turn the act of starting your days with gratitude and a positive outlook into a habit.

Not quite sure which funny affirmations to start with? Here are some examples to try to find joy and spread positivity. Customize them to fit your goals, or use them as is. It’s up to you!


Funny Affirmations for Overcoming Challenges

  1. I am proud of the progress I’ve made.

  2. I am in control of my emotions, thoughts, and intentions.

  3. My body, mind, and spirit are strong and capable.

  4. I deserve to succeed in all that I do.

  5. I truly believe in myself.

  6. I am strong, confident, and unstoppable.

  7. I can handle absolutely anything that comes my way.


Self-Love and Body Positivity Funny Affirmations

  1. I am perfect, worthy, and whole, just as I am.

  2. I appreciate my body for all it can do.

  3. My body is a gift and a blessing.

  4. I enjoy nourishing and caring for my body.

  5. I’m proud of everything my body lets me achieve.

  6. I love, accept, and embrace myself unconditionally.


Funny Affirmations for Personal Growth and Success

  1. I love, embrace, and welcome new challenges.

  2. I know my value and worth.

  3. I am a magnet for money, success, and opportunity.

  4. I become stronger and more powerful every day.

  5. I was born a worthy person.

  6. I am an amazing asset to the people in my life.


Funny Affirmations for Healthy Relationships

  1. I deserve to be loved and cherished.

  2. I am my partner’s equal in every way.

  3. My partner loves me unconditionally.

  4. My relationship keeps me happy and healthy.

  5. I am worthy of love just as I am.

  6. I am in a special, lasting, fulfilling relationship.


Funny Affirmations for Mindfulness and Inner Peace

  1. I deserve to be healed and whole.

  2. I am a vessel of positive energy and peace.

  3. I inhale peace and exhale fear.

  4. I attract goodness and abundance.

  5. I choose peace, happiness, and love.

  6. All is well with me and my world.


Funny Affirmations for Creativity and Inspiration

  1. I attract new, innovative ideas.

  2. My imagination is capable of incredible things.

  3. I am fully at one with the flow of creativity.

  4. I was born to create amazing things.

  5. Limitless inspiration comes easily to me.

  6. I am creative enough to solve any problem.


Funny Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity

  1. Money and prosperity are drawn in my direction.

  2. I live in perfect alignment with prosperity.

  3. The universe is working in my favor.

  4. I am amazing at managing and earning money.

  5. I am proud of the life I’ve built.

  6. Abundance comes naturally to me and my loved ones.


Funny Affirmations for Healing and Well-Being

  1. I radiate and attract vitality.

  2. My body and mind grow stronger every day.

  3. I deserve health, happiness, and wholeness.

  4. My body and mind work in perfect harmony.

  5. Healing, health, and restoration are my destiny.

  6. I am blessed with a healthy, vibrant body and mind.


Funny Affirmations for Letting Go and Forgiveness

  1. I choose to let my pain go.

  2. I forgive, love, and honor myself.

  3. I accept the past and release its hold on me.

  4. Every breath I take brings me closer to a peaceful life.

  5. My past does not define my present or my future.

  6. I am completely and totally free.


Funny Affirmations for Confidence and Assertiveness

  1. I become a better version of myself with each passing day.

  2. I love and honor the person I’m becoming.

  3. Obstacles are no match for me.

  4. I am a paragon of confidence and capability.

  5. I create and enjoy exactly the life I want.

  6. I can do absolutely anything.


Funny Affirmations for Gratitude and Appreciation

  1. I am grateful for all of the incredible people in my life.

  2. I appreciate all the things I have learned from life.

  3. I am grateful for the opportunity to start another day.

  4. Every experience gives me something new to be grateful for.

  5. My life is full of abundance, love, and happiness.

  6. I appreciate every blessing in my life, big and small.


Funny Affirmations for Energy and Vitality

  1. I am healthy, happy, and free of disease.

  2. I manifest for myself perfect health and a whole, happy life.

  3. I have what it takes to reach my workout goals today.

  4. I embrace this day and have the enthusiasm to make the most of it.

  5. I am strong and growing stronger every day.

  6. I am a beacon for all the energy the universe has to give.


Funny Affirmations for Confidence and Success

  1. I succeed every time I overcome a challenge.

  2. I am filled with confidence, strength, and charisma.

  3. I have the power to change the world for the better.

  4. I value myself and everything I do.

  5. I deserve the absolute best life has to offer.

  6. I am enough, just as I am.

  7. I choose to celebrate myself and my wonderful life every day.


Embracing Affirmations as a Lifelong Practice

The truth is that the choices we make today represent the changes we bring forth tomorrow and in every situation. If your choices are not bringing you different results, you have to examine their origin. If you keep making the same basic choices to do variations of the same routines or situations, your choices need to change. That is the Law of Attraction.
– Lisa Charles (Yes! Commit. Do. Live.)


Like exercise, meditation, and journaling, affirmations make an incredible transformative addition to every situation and to any daily routine. Among other things affirmations work, they can help give you good vibes:

  • Boost your mood and redirect your thinking
  • Become more confident, especially when it comes to taking on challenges
  • Get better at solving problems and thinking your way out of tough situations
  • Consciously seize control of your ongoing stream or you are optimistic about your inner dialogue
  • Achieve greater success in both your personal and professional lives


The key to continued success is consistency. To be happy and feel good choose (or create) a few powerful affirmations that are in sync with your goals at the present moment of your life and commit to repeating them to yourself at the same time each day. (There are benefits to doing this first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or both. But you should choose a time that works for you.)

Consider turning your powerful affirmation practice into a daily ritual that includes candles, music, or anything else that helps you focus and channel positivity. Meditating on or journaling about what you’ve learned through your practice sessions can also be helpful.

Don’t be afraid to share your ongoing journey with your friends, loved ones, and social media circles. Positivity and success are contagious; you never know who you’ll inspire with your story at your present moment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have questions about daily affirmations and how best to integrate them into your routine? Here are some frequently asked questions to review:

What are affirmations, and how do they work?

In their simplest form, affirmations are positive thoughts and phrases designed to help you gain control of your inner dialogue. They work by retraining your brain to banish negative thoughts, and negative thinking and think more positively.

Can anyone benefit from using affirmations?

Absolutely. Any person can become more positive and successful by leveraging affirmations and positive attitude.

How do I create personalized affirmations?

The most effective affirmations use first-person pronouns, motivating language, and present tense to help suspend doubt. They’re also generally concise and simple to make them easy to remember.

Can affirmations replace therapy or professional help?

If you’re currently working with a therapist or other medical professional, it’s best to speak with them about the role affirmations should play in your life. While a powerful form of self-help, affirmations should not be considered replacements for professional care or medication.

How often should I practice affirmations?

It’s really up to you if you practice them regularly. But most people see the best results practicing them once or twice a day.

At the end of the day, there’s a very good reason our parents and mentors have always told us to think positively. It’s because positivity works, and affirmations are a great tool for unlocking its power.

Not only can the right fun affirmations help you access your own inner joy and all the joy the universe offers you, but they also help spread that joy to others around you. Try it for yourself today, and prepare to be amazed.






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