Top 10 Best MBTI Tests: Discovering Your True Personality Type


“You have to know who you are to attain what you want… your passions, loves, talents, gifts, and desires, along with your character values, all inform and empower you.”

Self-understanding is key to moving toward our desires. We’re all unique, but we share common traits. Some people recharge by spending quiet time alone. Others gain energy through social interactions. The best MBTI tests can help you come closer to knowing who you are, uncovering the traits that make up your unique personality. Increased self-awareness can improve your mood and relationships as you make time for things that energize you and limit time spent on difficult things.

MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Myers-Briggs personality questionnaires involve answering questions to indicate your psychological preferences (e.g., how you make decisions and perceive the world) to generate a result in four categories:

  • E/I: Extrovert or Introvert – Where you focus your attention and draw energy from
  • S/N: Sensing or iNtuition – The way you take in and process information
  • T/F: Thinking or Feeling – How you make decisions
  • J/P: Judging or Perceiving – How you interact with and cope with the world

Your results will include a 4-letter personality type, like “ENTJ” or “ISPT.”


Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 MBTI Tests

When choosing an Myers-Briggs typefinder test, you should consider:

  • Validity/reliability
  • Number of questions
  • Ease of completion
  • Quality/depth of results
  • Test reputation/popularity

Overview of the MBTI Personality Types

Now that we know more about MBTI personality types and how to select a test, let’s look at 10 of the best MBTI tests available online.


Top 10 Best MBTI Tests

1: 16 Personalities

Cost: Free
Questions: 60
Time: Around 10 minutes
The 16 Personalities report includes your type, plus how your profile impacts strengths and weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendships, parenthood, and career. 


2: Crystal

Cost: Free (registration and email address required)
Questions: 32
Time: Around 5 minutes
The Crystal personality test results report doesn’t include as much MBTI detail as others. It emphasizes how your 4-letter Myers-Briggs type relates to other popular personality profiling tests, like DISC assessment, Enneagram, and Big Five assessment. The main advantage of Crystal is that it uses a combination of tests to generate your personality analysis.


3: Human Metrics

Cost: Free
Questions: 64
Time: Around 10 minutes
The Human Metrics Myers-Briggs test generates your 4-letter type and description, details the strength of your preferences (e.g., how strong an extrovert or introvert you are), suitable careers, your profile’s communication and learning styles, and even celebrities who share your type.


4: IDR Labs

Cost: Free
Questions: 44
Time: Around 5 minutes
The IDR Labs MBTI test generates your 4-letter MBTI personality type and a brief description.


5: John’s Personality Test

Cost: Free
Questions: 25 (plus additional questions if more assessment is needed)
Time: Around 5 minutes
John’s Personality Test details the 5 Myers-Briggs personality types you share most affinity with.


6: Keys 2 Cognition

Cost: Free (It asks for comments on your gender, age, and any previous MBTI to access results).
Questions: 48
Time: Around 5 minutes
The Keys 2 Cognition MBTI typefinder personality test results include a detailed analysis of your cognitive development profile, Myers-Briggs personality type, and character traits.


7: MBTI Online

Cost: $59.95 (May 2024)
Time: 45 minutes
To take the official MBTI Online test you need to create an account and purchase it. Unless your organization or school offers MBTI profiling or you sign up privately with a certified MTBI practitioner, MBTI online is the only way to take the original, official test developed by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs.

Results include a full Myers-Briggs personality report, which includes type, action guides, type comparisons, and personalized learning courses (plus lifetime access to their digital library).


8: Personality Max

Cost: Free
Questions: 220+
Time: 25 minutes
The Personality Max MBTI test is one of the most comprehensive free options. It provides a 20-page report including your type, details of learning styles, temperament, personal development style, and brain hemispheres. There are resources on their website about each of these if you want to research your results.


9: Practical Psychology

Cost: Free (name and email address required to access full report)
Questions: 100
Time: 15 minutes
The Practical Psychology MBTI test generates your 4-letter type without sign-up. Provide your name and email for a detailed full report, including personality traits, the right career choices, what to look for in a romantic partner, and more.


Test 10: Truity

Cost: $19 (May 24)
Questions: 130
Time: Around 15 minutes
The Truity Myers-Briggs test generates your MBTI type for free. You can download a paid report that includes your type and description, plus scores for 23 facets of personality (in addition to the 4 Myers-Briggs dimensions) and some specific suggestions for maximizing your strengths for workplace success.


Choosing the Best MBTI Test for You

The best MBTI test for you will depend on your goals, preferences, and needs.

The official Myers-Briggs online personality assessment is the most comprehensive, known for its accuracy and validity. It’s considered the most reliable if you’re willing to invest.

There are fast, no-hassle tests that unlock your 4-letter Myers-Briggs type. However, the fewer questions you answer, the less information the test has. The accuracy of results and the depth of insight will vary – even the most comprehensive test may not give you a completely accurate analysis. So, choose the best fit for your goals and circumstances.

MBTI tests can be a powerful tool, especially when combined with self-reflection. Why not use get started with one of these MBTI tests? Knowing who you are is valuable. It can fuel your transformation into the best version of you, living a balanced life, full of passion and purpose.






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